11 Ways Your Car will be Smarter in 2018

The future of transportation is here.

This isn’t a line from Hollywood’s next big sci-fi thriller but the tone of the coverage coming out of the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show and the North American Auto Show, both of which happen in January.

Gadgets lovers used to converge on the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to get a first look at new tablets, mobile phones and lifestyle devices. But consider that this year’s Show included a 290,000-square-foot “Vehicle Technology” exhibition space where roughly 600 exhibitors showed off the latest in self-driving technology and “smart mobility.”

It follows that USA Today dubbed CES 2018 one of the year’s best car shows, and that The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has listed several automakers among its annual rankings of the world’s top 20 “Most Innovative Companies.”

Within the property & casualty insurance sector, opinions are mixed about whether the rise of autonomous vehicles will create new markets and opportunities for insurers, or seriously shrink the auto insurance market.

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Source: www.propertycasualty360.com