Cloud-Connected Cardiac Care Devices & Cyber Security

The health care industry today is working to improve the way health care is delivered through innovative connected cardiac care programs. In these types of programs, technology is being utilized to support the care of patients who are diagnosed with heart disease through self-monitoring. The technology helps patients manage their disease from own home with the support of their physician. Connected cardiac care programs are helping people live more healthy lives and avoid hospitalization.

Patients and their health care team members are no longer required to be in the same physical location in order to provide the patient with quality care. Patients are now able to manage their own physiological health on a daily basis and health care teams are able to link to the information they need to care for the patient.

Cloud-connected technology is radically changing the way healthcare is delivered by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve health outcomes. Many heart failure patients require a pacemaker to maintain a healthy heart rhythm. Pacemakers are commonly implanted to ensure a consistent rhythm, and are not difficult for the patient to maintain. Today, pacemakers are now being used in connected cardiac programs to provide heart patient care teams with information, data and feedback about a patient’s cardiac activity.

Modern pacemakers already supply doctors with patient location data. This information is tracked along with other heart activity data. Connected cardiac devices are a leading example of how the IoT is being used in the healthcare field, offering dramatically improved patient monitoring and patient care. However, using the IoT for medical purposes raises new concerns about digital security. It provides nefarious hackers opportunities to breach cyber security protocols and cause damage to the patient in various ways, including falsification of data. This is a salient issue in today’s healthcare industry – finding the balance between the benefits of using the IoT to help patients while protecting them from cyber security breaches.

While health care technology, such as connected cardiac care devices, pose some level of cyber security risk, they offer a great leap forward in quality of care and potential life-saving opportunities. When it comes to IoT and the future of medical devices, it will be crucially important that cyber security plays a preeminent role in development.

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