Technology Disrupters Driving Greater Value and Measurable Impact

The pace of change in technology today is truly astounding. Consider how rapidly technology has changed even in the last twelve months. The headlines that we would have thought were from science fiction a year ago are now reality.

Here are a few:

  • NASA Tracks SpaceX Tesla Roadster Starman’s Journey Through Space
  • NeuroLink Symptom Self-Assessment Software
  • 5 Examples of AI Dominating Humans in the World of Gaming
  • AlphaGo Zero Shows Machines Can Become Superhuman Without Any Help

Today’s challenge for the technology industry translates into the need to create practical, actionable and profitable solutions for business. How do technology companies decide which revolutionary technologies are selected for development?

A broader pattern is emerging to help us make sense of the macro forces and macro changes that are occurring. The combination of the latest technologies continues to redefine IT and business. Ideally, technology should work harmoniously with strategy and operations, across boundaries and domains to move beyond vertical or horizontal approaches.

Some forward-thinking organizations are approaching change more broadly. They consider discovery, use cases and implementation from a holistic perspective, determining how technologies can complement each other to drive greater value. Technology today is fundamentally reshaping how work gets done and is setting the stage for new products and business models.

  • Blockchain becomes a platform that establishes trust and transparency
  • Cognitive technologies automate responses across all enterprise domains
  • Digital reality breaks down geological barriers between team members
  • Systemic barriers are disrupted between humans and data
  • Many industries now embrace digital, cloud computing and analytics
  • Autonomic platforms, machine intelligence and digital reality continue to gain momentum
  • Cyber security, privacy policies, regulatory and compliance must be integrated into every trend

In order for businesses to stay competitive, they need to look at emerging trends from a new perspective. Old lines are becoming blurry, creating an emerging view that illuminates new business opportunities and creative problem-solving. Strategies for managing the business of information technology are extremely valuable. Technology today needs to embrace a larger trend in the industry, one that emphasizes an integrated approach over individual advances.

The challenge for IT departments and businesses is to step back and think from a holistic point of view, not focusing solely on the latest technological advancement. When that happens, technology will be bringing greater value and measurable impact to businesses embracing these changes.

IT companies today are evolving at an astonishing pace. Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA) brings together experienced teams with expertise in developing risk protection plans that address the ever-changing technology industry. Contact us here to learn more.