Fargo Employee Health & Benefits

Fargo Employee Health and Benefits

Regardless of where the future may take us, one thing is for sure: The days of providing simple plans for Fargo employee health and benefits are over.

Employer-provided benefits programs are no longer limited to only insurance plans. With the progressively complex compliance landscape intersecting with changes in how Fargo employers and employees are defined and engage with each other, leading employers need to provide programs of benefits not just a benefits program.

Employee Products and Services

Basically, we’ve got everything. With so much to offer, things can get left out on lists. If you don’t see it below, just ask. In addition to all health, dental and welfare insurance lines, MMA provides employers with the following:

fargo employee health and benefitsBusiness Management

  • Alternative funding methodologies
  • Plan change impact analysis
  • Actuarial services
  • M&A plan comparison and advising
  • Cost, contribution and utilization benchmarking and forecasting
  • Employee, senior management, board presentations

Plan and Benefits Management

  • All health and welfare insurance programs
  • Domestic and international programs
  • Plan design, implementation and support

Employment Wellbeing, Support & Engagement

  • Wellness, health management and employee wellbeing strategies
  • Culture audits
  • Health care consumerism training
  • Employee assistance programs, Health Advocate services

Compliance & Human Resources Support

  • Regulatory and health reform updates and guidance
  • Policy, program and procedure analysis
  • Management development and training
  • Employee communication strategy and delivery
  • Employee recruiting, screening, retention and termination assistance

MMA Employee Health & Benefits Technology Suite

  • MMA HRLink helps you automate benefits and HR functions and stay compliant
  • MMA MarketLink provides benefits admin, private exchange, ACA compliance and more
  • Navilink
  • iBenefits is an employee benefits app
  • iNGAGED provides employees with custom communications through a one-stop benefits info app

Our goal at MMA is to present you with solutions that offer intelligent ways to cut costs while still providing high caliber benefits.

In addition to our core benefits services, we have specialists monitoring and analyzing the implications of the Affordable Care Act. These specialists, working in together with our compliance and actuarial team, can help you determine the financial impact on your Fargo business and put a plan in place to help your company comply with complicated regulations and manage costs.

Financial & Underwriting 

  • Strategic forecasting model
  • Underwriting model
  • Demographic model
  • Underwriters on staff
  • Data warehouse

Healthcare Strategies 

  • Stop loss captives
  • Private exchange communications tools
  • MMA MarketLink-private exchange platform
  • Pharmacy/stop loss collectives
  • Industry verticals

Health Care Reform & Compliance 

  • Pay or Play modeling tools
  • Marketing tool kits and client ready checklists
  • ERISA attorney support
  • National advisory team
  • Seminars, alerts, web access to resources
  • Actuarial resources

Population Health Management & Wellness 

  • Data analytics
  • Value based design
  • Medical, Wellness, and Pharmacy Directors
  • Wellness platform

Retirement & Executive Benefits 

  • Plan design and benchmarking
  • Investment selection line-up and monitoring
  • Service provider oversight and management
  • Employee education
  • Fiduciary oversight

Worksite/Voluntary Benefits

  • Integrated delivery model simplified
  • Communications strategies
  • Various in-house enrollment strategies
  • Ongoing operational support
  • Robust carrier offerings


  • Single point of contact to 17,500+ benefits experts
  • Worldwide network with local benefits specialists in 135 countries
  • Combined purchasing power in Market with $40B+benefits premium placed

Benefits Administration & Communication 

  • Full outsourced or co-Sourced w/ retiree & FMLA capabilities
  • COBRA & Spending Accounts
  • Call Center
  • Employee/Employer Communications

MMA works closely with clients to make sure they get the appropriate value and return from their Employee Health & Benefits Program. If your company needs a Fargo Employee Health & Benefits Program that works, contact MMA to schedule a complimentary insurance consultation.

Fargo Offices: 505 Broadway North, Suite 100, Fargo, ND 58102