Roanoke Employee Wellness Programs

Roanoke Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs for Roanoke, VA Businesses

Many employers need innovative ways to better manage their employee benefits investment. One popular trend growing in demand is employee wellness programs. They provide a number of benefits such as reducing rising medical expenses, diminishing the effects of disability related claims, and enhancing employee productivity. They range in complexity from employee communications and health risk assessments to biometric screenings and targeted intervention programs. Unsurprisingly, employee wellness programs are a hot topic among employee benefits executives.

These programs have additional benefits as well. Employee wellness programs create opportunities to lead healthier lifestyles, manage chronic illnesses, diminish stress, and improve employees’ psychological well-being. They can help reduce employee absenteeism as well as decrease health care expenses too.

Given MMA Roanoke’s extensive experience with implementing employee wellness programs, we recommend a multi-year approach. Each year increases in the breadth and purview of the program. The use of premium contributions and benefits differentiates those who are actively participating and seeking to improve their lifestyles and controllable risk factors.

Still not convinced? Employee wellness programs can advantageously effect medical trends and health care costs. MMA Roanoke is well-versed in HIPAA wellness guidelines and has benefit attorneys who act as resources where needed for both federal and state laws.

Your company needs a Roanoke Employee Wellness Program that works. MMA Roanoke works closely with clients to make sure they get the appropriate value and return from their employee wellness programs.

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