Washington, DC Employee Benefit Administration

Washington, DC Employee Benefit Administration

Employee Benefit Administration For Washington Area Businesses

Health care benefits continue to increase in complexity. MMA Washington, DC can help your business navigate theses health care intricacies.  We leverage our expertise to provide well-planned, cost-effective Washington employee benefit programs for your business.

MMA will review your current benefits program and work with you to ascertain your business’ priorities. Together, we will design a strategic plan that reduces risk and lowers your cost without diminishing employee morale. MMA’s well-developed relationships with major insurance companies allow us to deliver an all-inclusive range of providers, networks, premium levels and plan designs.

We do not stop at recommending the right Washington, DC employee benefits coverage and cost control strategies. We understand you need educated counsel on ACA and its mandates as well. At MMA, a team of compliance and actuarial consultants will back you. They observe and analyze the implications of the Affordable Care Act to help determine the monetary effect on your business and put a plan in place to ensure you are ACA compliant.

If your business needs Washington, DC employee benefits that work to its advantage contact MMA to schedule a complimentary insurance consultation.

Washington, DC Office: 5500 Cherokee Avenue, Suite 300, Alexandria, VA 22312-2321