Washington, DC Employee Wellness Programs

Washington, DC Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs for Washington Area Businesses

Employers need creative solutions to manage their employee benefits investment better. To meet this need, more employee benefits managers are turning to employee wellness programs. These programs are gaining in popularity because they are an effective method to manage increasing medical expenses, to curtail the effect of disability related claims, and to encourage employee productivity. These programs range from employee communications and health risk evaluations to biometric screenings and targeted intervention programs.

These programs can help reduce employee absences, boost productivity, and decrease health care costs. Washington employee wellness programs benefit employees as well. For example, these programs help employees lead healthier lifestyles, cope with chronic illnesses, diminish stress, and enhance their mental well-being.

MMA Washington, DC has extensive experience developing and implementing comprehensive employee wellness programs. We recommend a multi-year plan, with each year progressing in the breadth and scope of the program. Employers can also use premium contributions and benefits data to differentiate those who are participating and pursuing healthier lifestyles from controllable risk factors.

Employers can strategically affect medical trends and health care expenses by implementing employee wellness programs. MMA Washington, DC is well versed in HIPAA wellness guidelines. As such, we have benefit attorneys who act as resources for both federal and state law.  We have successfully implemented many ideas on how to incentivize employees without adding to employer’s costs.

At MMA Washington, DC, we make sure our clients get the appropriate value and return from their employee wellness programs. Your Washington business needs Employee Wellness Programs that work.  Contact MMA to schedule a complimentary insurance consultation.

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